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Simonetta Capotondo

Let me introduce myself

I am a professional sfoglina, that is a typical Italian woman dedicated to the craft of rolling out sheets of egg pasta, I have a diploma in “Catering Service Technician”, and I won the second prize in the “Sfoglino d’oro” International Contest. I have long-term experience in the catering field and in teaching, both in Italy and abroad. I define myself as a traveling sfoglina, because with little equipment (boards and rolling pins) I can hold my lessons anywhere.
 My passion for this art is linked to my memories of my grandmother: the inviting smell of the dough she used to make, the way she skilfully rolled it out with her mattarello, which is the Italian word for rolling pin, the sound of her knife moving swiftly on the chopping board, and, finally, the tagliatelle unrolling from her hands, a gesture that left me enchanted every time.

Why is it that pasta rolled out by hand tastes so much better?

When you use a pasta machine you don’t get the same porosity and texture that you get when the dough is rolled out by hand using a wooden rolling pin and board.
For this reason, pasta rolled out with a rolling pin is considered an outstanding speciality.

My fresh pasta courses intend to help rediscover the ancient genuine flavors of the past as well as the pleasure of using one’s hands.

Why chose me?

Have you ever tried making your own pasta using a rolling pin? Do you think it might be too difficult?  Have you already tried but were not satisfied with the result?

All you need is to know the right techniques. To acquire the necessary manual skills, you need the correct method, and I will be delighted to teach you mine.

My strong point lies in my ability to teach a particular method that allows anyone to learn the art of handmade pasta. Thinning, circles and rolls – these are the names I have given to some of the techniques I will be happy to teach you.

Find out more about my services.

Did you know?

The world of pasta is limitless. It is not only egg pasta like tagliatelle, lasagne and ravioli, but also pasta made with alternative flours, pasta with no eggs, hand-made pasta without the use of a rolling pin, creative pasta...

Art at the table

Pasta colored and flavored using natural ingredients is an excellent idea to bring some art to your table, not to mention flower pasta! 

Food intolerances

For those of you who have problems in metabolizing particular foods or their components, I will teach you how to make pasta using alternative flours or pasta without eggs.

My roots

I am from the Marche region, but I will be more than happy to accompany you on an experiential journey through the other regions of Italy, each with its own culinary traditions. I will teach you how to make the best first courses of Italian cuisine.

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